4 Effective Ways to Succeed Your Own Hotel Business

From carrying out a thorough survey of the hotel industry to zeroing in on the holistic marketing strategies (online promotion, traditional marketing etc) — there is, at once, a lot of work which needs to be done if you’re looking forward to starting your own hotel business. Documented below are 4 tips to succeed.

  1. Researching the Industry

The number of hotels operating in your city and country (to invariably gauge the kind of competition you’ll be greeted with), ways in which profit is generated in this business, the key segments of the market (which includes meals, lodging and luxury services) and consumer spending habits make for key points of learning in this regard. Make sure you’re investing the required time for carrying out extensive research.

2. Investing in the Right Software

Hotel  software remains a sagacious investment on your part – owing to the very simple fact that it facilitates efficient business operation. It makes for a single integrated solution facilitating a host of tasks including:

  • Billing

  • Accounting

  • House-keeping management

  • Laundry management

  • Reservation and registration

  • Tracking occupancy

  • Day end reports

  • Kitchen Order Ticket Analysis

  • Bar Order Ticket Analysis

    3. Social Media Marketing

A very important part of your holistic marketing mix, your social media presence drives exposure in a major way. Harnessing the power of social channels like YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest , extending concierge services through Facebook and Twitter (where customers would be able to seek your service from any location), bolstering in-time marketing by sharing deals and offers through Facebook and Twitter are just a few ways in which you can promote your business effectively.

4. Mobile Engagement

In countries like the US, hospitality has already emerged as one of the top 5 industries as far as mobile engagement is concerned. India – at present – witnesses similar surge. Make sure your hotel website is optimized for mobile viewing.

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