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Retail Billing Software solution with barcode and without barcode

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Who We Are

about-iconRBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the Kolkata (India) based company behind the brand of KARNI. We strive every day to do what matters most to customers of Retail, F&B, Hotel, Manufacturing & Mining domain: accelerating access to affordable software and finding IT solutions for their present and unmet needs.

Our Karni products bring simple and realistic high-end IT solutions within reach of customers by helping them to reduce the cost of the project with straight, simple and practical approach in software & IT implementation as per the customers’ actual needs. Our portfolio consists of all IT based barcode / non-barcode solutions for the retail, F&B, hotel, manufacturing & mining domains with multiple software solutions as well as hardware solutions.

To address unmet customer needs, we have developed innovative products that increase customer convenience, enhance a customer’s business or more effectiveness to his business practices. And the co-founders with their huge experience in different capacity bring that extra foresight and edge to their solutions to meet unmet customer needs.

To help manage & simplify business practices better we go beyond providing only software. We provide services and knowledge sharing that help to stay on course with prescribed implementations & solutions through addressing to the practical issues and customer support as needed, and help to increase awareness about the importance of early diagnosis and resolution to the issues of the prevailing systems.

Our products and services are based on our strong capabilities: deep business practices and IT technology skills, in-depth knowledge of retail, F&B, hotel, manufacturing & mining domain and related regulation, fast and practical implementation capabilities, and a friendly customer support.

We have delivered readymade software to various industries including limestone mine, copper industry, retail fruits and vegetables stores, auto parts billing, apparels, garments, saree retail, fast food billing, toy and game industry, iron ore mine, iron and steel industry, leather industry, copper mine, food court, retail mobile stores, retail furniture, retail footwear, instruments assembling, retail electronics, auto parts retail, bar billing, KOT, food court system, pizza shop, furniture industry, cosmetic industry, plastic industry, coal mine industry etc.

Our readymade POS software is available for retail billing, restaurant billing, spa business, salon business, department stores, multiple store management, quick service restaurant, retail business, biscuit and chocolate industry, chain management, hotel industry, retail accounting, inventory management system, grocery retail management, coal mining industry. automobile industry etc.

We provide front loading thermal printer, vista handheld scanner, barcode scanner, barcode products, thermal receipt printer, retail printer, symbol bar code scanner etc.

Email us at sales@rbw.in
Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a global solution provider for Retail Industry covering all critical aspects of the retail business. Our mission is to make powerful enterprises with best of IT Solutions. We concentrate on providing solutions that move Retail Businesses. We focus our energies on providing clients with Simple Business Practices. We keep our customer at the center of all business processes in solutions.

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