5 Key Benefits Of ERP Software For Mining Companies

Mining incorporates various procedures including logistics and transportation management of equipment like conveyor belts, excavators, trucks and more along with resource allocation. Such complicated procedures demand the system to easily simplify and automate them, thereby making everything operate efficiently. This is where the enterprise resource planning software comes in. In this article, we have highlighted the five significant advantages of an ERP software for mining organizations.

1. Effective Resource & Allocation Project Management
Resource allocation and project management are one of the most significant aspects in mining companies that highlight the smoothness of the entire mining procedure. With enterprise resource planning software, each project advancement can be easily traced, thereby helping managers to discover which workers have not been assigned to their work sites yet and which officials happen to be the most competent ones to work on the project.

2. Enhanced Logistics & Transport Efficiency
The ease in operation concerning a mining project is based on logistics and transport, therefore both need to operate efficiently. An enterprise resource planning software offers features that assist in ensuring smooth logistics and transport like route planning, driver management, cargo capacity management, transport reservations, cargo management and many more.

3. Improved Mining Asset Management
Mining incorporates a plethora of equipment that needs to be operated accurately. In case the equipment happens to be damaged, the project might be terminated as a result. With the help of a proper Asset Management module in the enterprise resource planning system, it helps in automating the management of the company’s assets. Other than that, the maintenance of assets can automatically be scheduled. Moreover, asset managers can also carry out inspections, thereby recording the outcomes of inspections under a centralized database, hence maintaining the maintenance schedule.

4. Easy Payroll Management & Performance Evaluation
Employees working in the mining industry happen to be scattered in numerous locations and this signifies the reason why it happens to be challenging to pay close attention to everyone’s performance. Managing their salaries does not happen to be easy as payroll might be based on attendance, achievement or hours or days. In this case, an ERP software for mining industry can conduct good monitoring and help with the employee management procedure.

5. Controlled Finances
Controlled finances is one of the most significant advantages of an ERP software when it comes to mining organizations. The accounting module present within the ERP system helps forecast your expenses and revenue with high accuracy, thereby making it ideal for controlled finances.

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