Benefits of RBW’s Hotel Management Software

Managing a hotel is an extensive job involving efficient customer care service, successful workforce coordination, managing the Hotel reservation system, and multiple other activities that demand accuracy, attention, and punctuality. RBW’s point of sale software can help hotel admin manage all the tasks perfectly.

Our hotel management software can be utilized as a single-point user and multiple hotel chains. No matter the number of hotels you are running, our software can help you track each hotel’s productivity, and you can easily calculate your entire business revenue without mistakes. Here are some of the advantages of our hotel management software:

Caters to all properties: Our hotel PoS software comes with unmatched flexibility and powerful features that helps in taking care of every property type, be it a lodge, resort, motel, chain of hotels, or hotel. Our software is scalable from a particular hotel to the whole Hotel chain in multi locations.
Smooth navigation: RBW POS offers easy implementation. You can easily update newer versions and integrate them with other interfaces. We also provide touchscreen support for multiple restaurants.
Multiple setup options: The perfect solution for setting up a room, menu, or bill is easy with our easy setup feature. You can take care of the mode of payment, physical stock entry, modifying setup, cancellation reason setup, forced questions setup, product recipe setup, Hotel product billing setup, and others.

Salient Features Of RBW’S Hotel POS Software

-We have a product sales shift report that shows the busy schedule of the staff and property.
– You can check the arrival, departure, and occupancy reports.
-You can seamlessly integrate all the activities on the back office, front desk, and financial accounting desk.
-Efficient registration and reservation system is achieved with a complete mode of payment.
-We have a specialized report option for national security demands. You can file a police report, ask for the details of every occupant in your hotel, and hand it over to the local police officer.
-Our robust customer relationship management feature helps generate return clients or promote retention.

These are some of the best benefits of our hotel management software that can increase employee efficiency and provide a consistent interface by reducing the overall training time.

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