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Are you a business dealing with Retail, F&B, Hotel, Automobile, Manufacturing, or Grocery? We are an organization that simplifies your business administration. Our affordable POS software and tailor-made IT hardware solutions that designed to help businesses in these niches leverage it for their growth.

Why does your business need a POS solution?

You can increase the functionality of your business with systems like an electronic cash register, sales data coordinator system, etc.
1. Streamlining sales from multiple locations by expanding the reach of your business and products.
2. Simplifying business data management related to sales by getting access to real-time data more efficiently.
3. More control over the inventory system leads to better profit.

What are the USPs of RBW POS?

1. We offer practical solutions that help businesses reduce their project cost.
2. We are one of the best retail billing software providers.
3. We offer both hardware and software solutions.
4. Our software and IT implementation is focused on making it more user-friendly.

We have software solutions for business domains like:

1. Apparel, garment, and footwear
2. Bakery and confectionary
3. Salon and Spa
4. Grocery, sweet shop, and departmental store
5. Hotel and guest house
6. Restaurant, bar, and food court
7. Automobile, electronics, and mobile
8. Saree, luggage, and furniture

We have hardware solutions for business domains like:

–Retail, barcode, and receipt printers
–Cash drawer and POS printer
–Barcode Scanner and Customer Pole Display
–POS Terminal and Magnetic Stripe Reader

We have customized ERP solutions for business domains like:
1. Automobile industry
2. Ancillary software
3. Mining
4. Manufacturing industry

Let us go through our POS software:

1. Karni Retail Apparel POS Software: Are you a garment shop owner, and do you need that particular software to manage your business? This user-friendly software is designed to meet all your administrative business requirements. The software is so comprehensive that you can use it for multiple purposes.

2. Automobile ERP Software: Whether you are an auto ancillary manufacturer in Tier I or Tier III niche, this software is everything you need to handle your business. The software offers customized IT solutions that are high-end and yet so simple and easy to use. Our POS software is also budget-friendly.

Modern businesses need POS solutions to help them in both managing and growing their business. This POS software helps business owners make faster and smarter business decisions that can boost up profit as well as sales. It helps in centralizing business operations as well. RBW POS solutions can help you with all these functions.

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