Cloud Based POS v/s Traditional POS

The fundamental difference between Cloud-based POS (Point of Sale) system and a traditional web based POS is defined by the way in which data is stored. Cloud-based POS systems store data online, while the traditional web based POS system stores the same locally on the on-premise server. With cloud based facilities, you can access data from any source including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Cloud-Based POS Systems: A Closer Look
Notably, cloud-based POS systems are often referred to as “apps” instead of software because they are accessed via smartphones. Needless to say, cloud-based POS has far outweighed traditional systems in terms of popularity. The reasons? They are documented for you below:
• The cloud-based systems command great portability – which means business managers can check all the important data online while they are on the move
• They also entail lower equipment cost – you’re not required to invest in a separate in-house set-up in order to access it
• They are backed by immediate set-up facilities – all you have to do is sign up online and start accessing the data

Why Cloud-Based POS systems Score Over Traditional POS
Legacy POS systems – of course – offer you none of the aforementioned facilities. Right from higher set-up costs to restriction of access, there are various reasons why businesses, at large, are migrating from traditional to cloud based POS. Talk about restaurants, retail and other businesses – cloud-based POS is fast becoming regularity for them.

The restaurant billing software for example deserves special mention as it has clearly taken the restaurant industry by storm today. The benefits of course are way too many to count—faster procedures, remote KOT/BOT printing, pre-defined customer discounts etc.
The cloud computing market is set to touch $210 billion worldwide by the end of 2019. And we don’t have reasons why it shouldn’t! Are you yet to consider it for your business?

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