Automobile industry is flourishing globally and to keep the pace at par software in office administration is widely recommended by reputable software developer. Automobile Industry ERP Software by Karni is a comprehensive solution for all types of auto ancillary manufacturers from Tier-I manufacturers to Tier-III manufacturers. This has also made the ancillary units to be more competitive, ensure just in time (JIT) deliveries while maintaining the strict quality pre-requisites from the automobile makers. Nowadays to cope with this challenge, the auto ancillary units are depending much upon on proper effective software solution.

Karni Texnet caters to this need for an effective solution for automotive suppliers to thrive in a competitive marketplace and be the preferred auto component maker. This software is a full-featured and simple to use software solution ideal for all types of auto ancillary manufacturers from Tier-I manufacturers to Tier-III manufacturers. Whether you own a single plant or a chain of plants, it manages your manufacturing operations efficiently. Unlike others, it helps you focus on a core aspect of manufacturing and keeps you away from complex day-to-day operations. It empowers you to face the challenges and tough competition from organized segment of an ancillary industry.

Karni Automobile Industry ERP Software comes up as ready to use software with the facility to link plant, cottage store/ cost centers, and head office together. The easy-to-setup product categories, item classification, flexible and unique barcode generation, intelligent invoicing for faster checkout, smart inventory and purchase management, financial accounts keeps a balance between receivable and payable and analyzes reports to understand and transform according to changing trends in the auto industry. Barcode generation, POS printers, and integration of weighing scale are built-in the software.

It eases your routine work by taking the order from customer, processing sale, delivering the material to customer and payment collection. It makes your inventory management much easier. Customer Service module gives privilege to small shop owners to outsource, monitor and manage bulk order efficiently.

The following summarizes key features and benefits of it. We are certain you will find it simple to use, feature complete, future-ready and perfect for your operations.
Capable to cater the following major production methodologies:

Made to Order
Sub-Contracting to 3rd party (sub contractor-out)
Job order Production (sub contractor- In)

  • All kind of auto ancillary units from large to small can be managed efficiently:
  • Tier 1 Manufacturers – who make large assemblies (Seat Assembly, Brake Assembly, Mirror Assembly, Radiators, Clutch Plate Assembly, Gears, Exhaust Systems, Ignition Coils)
  • Tier 2 Manufacturers – who make smaller assemblies / Parts that are supplied to Tier 1 (Parts of Car body, Car Engine, Car Seats, Brakes, Armatures)
  • Tier 3 (smaller) Manufacturers – who make smaller parts that are supplied to Tier 2 (Nuts, Bolts, Cover, Plates, Springs, and other Small Parts)
  • Examples: Direct/indirect suppliers to Maruti, Hero Motorcorp, Mahindra, Tata, Honda Siel, HMSI, Bajaj etc.
  • Elegant and smart synchronization of Head Office and Factories / Plants at remote places:
    In many cases, factories/plants are situated geographically at remote or small places where 24-hours internet availability could be an issue. But as soon the internet service is resumed the data gets automatically synchronized between Head office and plants. No manual interference or any exercise required from user end for this data sync.
  • Software keeps on working even during the non-availability of the internet service:
  • Do not worry about invoicing stopping at plants due to link failure from Head Office or due to internet failure at the plant site(s). You will be able to do any work on software at the real time.
  • When the internet connection is restored the latest data gets automatically seamlessly synced between Head office and the plant(s) without any additional exercise from the user end. So, there’s no unnecessary need for the manual upload/updating of data during such situations.
  • Integration of all areas of operation in one single application:
    Finance/Accounts, fixed assets, bank management, sales, purchase, inventory, production planning, manufacturing, project management, human resources, quality management, plant maintenance, inward and outward outsourcing requirement gets addressed into one single application.
  • The major transactions are handled with the following powerful modules:
  • Voucher (Accounts)
  • Stores Inventory
  • Gate
  • Finished Goods Inventory
  • Sales Inventory
  • Others (Tax etc.)
  • Production Planning
  • No reconciliation, no worries about statutory compliances and no issues in supplying the information needs of the principal (OEM) in time or as per the deadline.
  • Easy Material Traceability:
    From purchase to inspection to issue to the shop floor, through each operation till dispatches to the client, material and material traceability is available whenever required.
  • Work In Progress (WIP) visibility:
    The material goes through many stages before it becomes finished goods. There are many reports/modules to give you the accurate picture of the current status of the material so that you can take next plan of action or address to the query from the customer for a particular material’s delivery.
  • Provision for integration of the barcode-based system with smooth integration with POS printers.
  • Provision to integrate with weighing scale (“kanta”) for capturing weight of empty and loaded trucks.
  • Elegant and practical user-interface designed with recently used options is shown for faster access to the relevant daily modules.
  • All the reports can be exported in the formats: ms-excel, pdf, ms-word (rtf), and csv.
  • Report Designer and emailing of reports facility provided.
  • Smart global filtering option – for fast and convenient way of seeing related reports one after another.
  • Tally connectivity – Link up facility to connect with software Tally for the required data.
  • Robust RDBMS database MSSQL SERVER used for the back-end.
  • Contain all the specific features and reports you expect from a software solution to cater the business practice of an auto ancillary industry.

A Peek into the Karni TextNet System:
Procurement Process

Option A

  • Indent for Procurement
  • Enquiry to vendors
  • Auto Sending Enquiries to vendors for Quotation
  • Quotation Receive Entry
  • Compare Chart for Approval for Procurement
  • Two Level Security for Recommendation and Final Approval
  • Auto PO Generation through Approval

Option B

  • Manual Approval Entry Process
  • Manual Approval Two Level Security for Recommendation and Final Approval
  • Auto PO Generation through Approval
  • Purchase Order Amendment Approval
  • Purchase Order Amendment
  • Supplementary Bill for Materials Supplied between Po Amendment and PO

Gate Management

  • Gate in and Gate out Management

Inventory Management

  • Goods Receipt
  • Inspection
  • Rejection
  • Excise Purchase Return (Common Bill No. for Excise Sale and Purchase Return)
  • Non-Excise Purchase Return
  • Production Line Issue
  • Production Line Store Receipt with Conversion
  • Production Line Store Receipt after Conversion
  • Production Line Multiple Process wise Conversion
  • Finished Goods Receipt after Conversion

( Note: All Conversions are done as per Product Dependency Formulas)

Outside Factory Job Work Management

  • Raw Materials Issue to Jobber
  • Raw Material Received without Conversion
  • Converted Goods Receipt
  • Converted Goods Receipt Inspection
  • Converted Goods Rejection

Stock Adjustment

  • Stock Increase and Decrease Module to take care of variance in Physical and Computer Balance.

Sales Management

  • Sales Order Receipts
  • Sales Order Amendments
  • Excise Sales
  • Non Excise Sales
  • Supplementary Bill for Material Supplied between Sales Order and Sales Order Amendment
  • Sales Return
  • C- Form Management

Production Planning

  • Daily Stores Production Planning
  • Monthly Projected Production Planning
  • Monthly Final Projected Planning
    Costing Management
  • Product Costing Entry


  • System have its own accounting system integrated with all inventory modules like sale, purchase, sales return, purchase return, Receipt Voucher, Payment Voucher, and Journal Voucher.
  • Cash Management with Factory and Head Office.
  • All Accounting Reports like Cash book, bank book, trial balance, ledger, profit and loss account, balance sheet and Voucher Printing etc.
  • Cheque Printing.
  • System also has the additional facility to transfer accounting data into the Third Party Accounting system like Tally.

Various Stores Reports

All reports and registers related to Stores Statement like:

  • Production Planning
  • Costing Variance
  • Stock Analysis
  • Unmoved Stocks
  • Statutory Reports
  • Procurement as per Production Planning

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