Point Of sale Terminal

JIVA XT-6715 In today’s retail and hospitality market, POS terminal is no longer just a cold and hard business tool. It is a part of the store decoration, a part of the store image. Each curve and detail of the POS terminal should add something to the overall mood of the store, to lift the shopping experience of the customers.

With beautifully sculptured slim body, sexily curved base stand, JIVA XT-3215 Series looks right at home at any elegantly decorated store. And more than just good looks, JIVA XT Series also offers ample of performance and flexibility to satisfy the most demanding of daily POS operations.

New slim design
New 7th generation foldable base that allows JIVA XT Series to be configured into different configurations
New 8th generation foldable base that integrates internal power adaptor and Powered USB port into the base stand
Mini-PCIe expansion slot
Dual LAN ports
VESA mounting for flexible deployment


KS-7715 Series POS Terminal Beauty and Brain

KS-7715 Series POS Terminal
KS-7715 Posiflex’s new flagship POS terminal designed to amaze with its external elegance and internal substance. Dressed in all new Bezel Free outfit that caters for Projected Capacitive or Resistive touch option, instantly transform the normally distinguished looking KS series into something even more elegant and stylish.

More than mere good looks, KS-7715 has the very latest Intel Core i5 processor brain to match its updated appearance, and coupled with the Posiflex’s patented Aluminum Die-Casting structure, making it the world’s most powerful Fanfree POS terminal.

No other POS terminal combines elegant appearance, energy efficiency and most importantly, powerful performance from Intel Core i5 processor into an advanced FanFree design. And together with reliability that is synonymous with Posiflex brand makes KS-7715 the most desirable addition to any retail and hospitality environment.

Preliminary Specification ( flagship model )
Processor System Memory Storage Device LCD Touch Function I/O Port OS support
Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz / 3 M cache CPU
DDR3 1066 MHz, SO-DIMM socket x 2, max 8 GB
2.5″ SATA HDD x 2 or SSD Kit (optional)
15″ TFT LCD, 1024 x 768 resolution
Bezel-free, Projective Capacitive / Resistive touch
LAN / 4 x Serial / 7 x USB / 1 x VGA / 1 x CR
Microsoft Windows 7 / POSReady 7

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