How to implement VAT and Service Tax in KarniRestaurant

In karniRetail 5 you need to create different ledger for vat and service tax so that in tax register additional service tax column will display.

Scenario- a bakery having vat 14%, vat 5% and take away services how we can implement service tax.

In KarniRetail 5 you need to create below ledgers in Duty and Taxes sub group.
Vat 5% tax ledger
Vat 5% and service tax ledger
Vat 14% tax ledger
Vat 14% and service tax ledger
Service Tax 12.36
Now in Tax master create Four type of Tax
Vat 5%
Vat 5% ST
VAT 14%
VAT 14% ST
Set Rate accourdingly in three digit decimal and then set tax on product

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