RBW Restaurant POS Benefits

RBW restaurant billing software has all the features that you may need of such software. It also helps that this software is as simple to use as it happens to be. It is factors like these that make it the ideal option for all bars and restaurants. This includes ones specializing in fine dining to ones that offer casual dining experiences. It can do it all including, but is not limited to, the following:

  • table service
  • quick service
  • pizza delivery
  • coffee shops
  • cafes
  • bars
  • clubs
  • disco

So, as you can see for yourself, such software can be used readily at all bars and restaurants in the most optimum manner possible.

How does the software help you?

Using this restaurant POS (point-of-sale) software helps you increase your capacity to serve customers and this is so helpful for bars and restaurants. The software provides you with a visual layout of the floor plan of the establishment in question. This helps managers at restaurants and bars check the present status of every table over there. It also helps that the system has automatically changing colors to indicate whether a table is filled, vacant, or going to be vacant soon. This is done based on the regular in-house activities that are being performed between the payment collection and the first order for each table.

The benefits and features of such software

The product offers you mouse or touch screen-based billing and KOT (kitchen order ticketing) service. It also provides you with remote KOT and BOT (bar order ticket) printing facilities. It provides you with user-defined modifier and menu along with the special of the day. It has some of the most useful reservation management features such as quick reservation status – arrived, ordered, seated, to name a few. It also has useful table management features such as live view of the allocated tables.

The product also offers you useful customer management features such as live viewing of the customers’ reservation status. It helps you with recipe, food, and variance costing. You can also use the system to generate customer loyalty cards. It would also help you exercise strict control on void.


If you want to perform a detailed discussion on the features of the restaurant POS software, bar billing software, and restaurant billing software you can get in touch with RBW Solutions.

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