Bakery Management Software

RBW’s Karni Retail Bakery & Confectionery Software offers full-featured and simple to use software solution ideal for all kinds of bakery and confectionery shops. Whether you own a single store or a chain of bakery or confectionery shops, retail bakery management software is set to meet the needs of your retail environment so that you can manage your retail operations efficiently. This software is available in several flavors to fit your establishment’s needs. It has the facility to take care of the requirements of both the model – take away and sitting bakery. The solution is preferred by renowned bakery shops in the F&B industry. It has already helped bakery management in increasing profit and control over their business. It keeps you away from complex day-to-day operations and empowers you to face the challenges and tough competition from large retail.

There is a common issue of low computer knowledge and high labor turnout problem in bakeries. The said issue make it essential that the POS system installed in such outlets should be easy to operate as well as it should be easier to give the training to operate the POS system in a very short period. Karni’s bakery software for bakery shops and confectioneries takes care of this issue effectively. It has cashier and vendor friendly interface that records accurate and proper information. It helps back office to control menu, legal reporting, cash control etc. in such a format that enables management to take efficient and timely decisions.

Our bakery & confectionery software has fully integrated Accounting System also. It has the facility for integration of multiple bakery shops at different locations with the Head Office. It supports Magnetic, Bar-coded or Smart Card, Coupons etc. It has Touch Screen or Mouse based POS interface for Quicker and fast implementation and billing purpose.

This software has been designed to be implemented in a short period. It is also easy to learn in order to take care of smooth operation. It helps the bakery shop management in increasing profit and control over the business in a very short period by increasing faster delivery and billing. If you are looking for bakery management software then first have a demo of our Bakery & Confectionery Software.

Key Features:

  • Supports multiple formats of Bakery Shops, whether it is dine-in or Take away or self-served Coupon / Token based System
  • User-defined product codes for Cash Register like entry to increase fast billing by cashier
  • User defined Menu and Modifier with Today’s Special
  • Redirect order to a different kitchen printer
  • Keyboard Facility also available to transfer your cash register operator into this system
  • Photo of each menu item can be tagged for easy identification
  • Facility to add modifiers like “Make to 1 by 2”, “No Onion and Garlic” and “Less Spicy”, etc.
  • Facility to ask Forced Question on a particular item like “Sugar” or “Sugar-Free”
  • Redirect all printing to the nearby working printer in case of failure of one printer
  • Reduce labor cost by increasing employee productivity
  • Faster than Cash Register
  • Easier than other available solutions
  • Weighing Scale integration for smooth billing
  • Support all type of prepaid card i.e., bar-coded, magnetic or smart card
  • Card, Coupon and Weighing Scale based operation choice
  • Touch Screen or Mouse based KOT and Billing
  • Multiple Analysis through reports
  • Control over Raw Material supply and consumption
  • Recipe management System for comparing with Sale and Consumption
  • Physical Stocktaking and variety of available reports
  • Easy menu changing facility
  • Improvement in Service to customers and vendors
  • SMS integration facility available to acknowledge customer’s purchase

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