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Karni Retail Garment Software is a user-friendly intelligent software solution ideal for all types of retail business outlets including Supermarket to small and medium retail stores/chain of stores, all types of readymade garment showrooms, lingerie, textile and fabrics, sarees and dress material. Regardless you own a single store or a chain of stores Karni garment point of sale software can manage your retail operations efficiently and accurately. This software helps you to focus on the core aspect of retailing and keeps you away from mundane day-to-day operations.

Karni garment shop software comes with easy-to-setup product categories along with some state of the art features like item classification (size, color, design, and price), flexible and unique barcode generation. Garment POS software by Karni also presents an intelligent point of sale for faster checkout, smart inventory and purchase management, effective loyalty programs that boost sales, implement discounts and promotions to liquidate stock, maintains financial accounts to keep a balance between receivables and payables, and offers analytics to understand and transform retail strategy according to fluctuating trends.

The multi-layered facility for using garment software increases your customer satisfaction with integrated customer service management that provides add-on services like job work, alteration, and tailoring. It also lets you keep your inventory balance sheet up to date by an easy capture of the product barcode using a portable device (PDT) and comparing it finally with your inventory to scale out the discrepancies if any. Garment shop software is endorsed by successful owners and managers of profitable EBO (exclusive brand outlet), MBO (multi-brand outlet), factory outlets, fashion boutiques, and department stores.


Key Features:

  • Item classification with respect to its size, color, design, and price
  • Easy, Fast & Robust Billing
  • Customer hold up time is least – Fastest check out people
  • Home Delivery & Due Bill
  • Effective Day-end Process
  • Screen & Functionality based Access
  • Inbuilt Financial Accounting
  • Fully integrated Customer Loyalty module
  • Feature-rich touch-screen based software solution that is fully customized and, easy to learn and use.
  • Totally scalable, designed for single & multi-site businesses
  • Increased employee accountability for errors and missing money
  • Check available stock count at POS
  • Generate Sale and Exchange in the same receipt
  • Issue credit note from POS
  • Easy calculation of salesperson incentives
  • Strict management of credit sales
  • Sell fabric in meters utilizing standardized barcode
  • Effective merchandising and replenishment
  • Customer loyalty program and redemption point generation
  • Graphs and Chart for better investigation
  • Unique barcode generation
  • Classify SKU with respect to the material’s design, color, size, and price
  • Print barcode employing a laser or a barcode printer
  • Use industry standard UPC, EAN, and GS1 barcode
  • Alteration, Tailoring, and Job-work
  • Analyze SKU by stock age
  • Track SKU by fast, slow and non-moving
  • Adapt to customer’s purchasing pattern
  • Analyze and increase customer’s basket size
  • Convert non-moving SKU to cash with promos
  • SMS and Email alerts

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