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Running a hotel successfully and profitably is an extensive job, which is involved with successful manpower coordination, efficient customer care service, managing hotel reservation system, and many more activities that demand intense attention, accuracy, and punctuality, etc. Introduction of POS (Point Of Sale) Software can help a hotel admin to manage all these intricate jobs with flawless perfection.

Hotel POS software can be used as a single point user as well as for multiple hotel chains. Regardless you are running one hotel or multiple ones, the software will keep track of each hotel’s productivity and you can calculate the total business revenue without any mistake at one go.

Key Features:

  • Off the shelf single integrated solution
  • For Hospitality/Hotel Industry (with a modular-built up facility)
  • Catering to any type of property: Powerful features and unmatched flexibility helps in catering any property type – be it a Hotel, Chain of Hotels, Resort, Motel, Lodge or even a Roadside Inn. It’s a very competitive & cost-effective solution for Small & Mid-sized hotels but at the same time is enough feature-rich to run 4-star hotels.
  • Scalable from Single Hotel to an entire Hotel Chain / Multi-Location
  • Special care for budget hotels or small sized hotels
  • Easy & Fast Implementation / Easy to Operate
  • Touch Screen Support for restaurants
  • Integration with other interfaces can be made.
  • Easy & hassle-free updates for newer versions
  • Technical Support @ 24 x 7: To minimize the downtime, Technical Support is always available 24 x7 via Phone / Online (Remote access) / Email & Data transfer through internet/ Onsite visit.
  • Masters/Setups: You can get perfect solution for room Setup (AC/NON-AC), Tariff Setup (e.g. AP/NP etc.), Menu Setup, Product Setup, Product Recipe Setup, Forced Question Setup, Cancellation Reason Setup, Modifier Setup, Tax Master Creation, Physical Stock Entry, Mode of Payment, Salesman/Waiter Creation, Hotel Product Billing Setup (e.g. Room Rent, Food, Liquor etc.)
  • Transactions: Karni Software performs functions like – Advance Booking of Guests along with expected days of staying, Customer Creation, Customer Registration against Room Booking etc. It can be also customized for advance received from the customer, necessary payment adjustment (if any), food order, auto adjustment of room rent, food cost against advance received, repeat order option, quantity and all similar sort of work can be done in no time.

  • Display Reports: The POS performs the functions like – Display Occupancy, Display Vacancy, Display Checkout, Day Open Report, Day End Report, Room Wise Report, Sale Register (Room wise, Customer wise, Food wise), Daily Collection Report, VAT Statement, Sales Tax Register, Purchase Tax Register, Purchase Vat Summary, Physical Stock Report, Physical Stock Discrepancy Report.
  • Print Reports: Print reports can also be generated from this software. Bill Printing (different options – e.g. room, food, liquor, service etc.), Day End Report, Sale Report, Stock Report are the daily report that you can easily get. Even, this software generates special report for security purpose with the detail of the guest which is known as police report, vacancy report, occupancy report, day end report, room wise report, sale register (room wise, customer wise, food wise), daily collection report, vat statement, sales tax register, purchase tax register, purchase vat summary, etc. The software can generate a physical stock report, physical stock discrepancy report accurately.

 Ready for these real-world situations: value-added services

  • There’s No day end (night shift closing) process. So, the hotel does not need to hire/engage high-level staff and manager for night shifts.
  • Bills of a restaurant, Bar, Pool or of similar other types can automatically be posted in guest account.
  • Provision for “Settle in Room”. In this particular format of Mode of Payment, the cost of foods taken by the customer at the Restaurant will be automatically transferred into the room in the form of “Settle in Room”.
  • Nominal accounts reports of sundry creditors and sundry debtors etc.
  • Company billing and accounting
  • Separate House-Keeping management system can be integrated.
  • The separate Laundry management system can be integrated.

Salient features:

  • Seamless integration of the activities of Front Desk, back office, and financial accounting.
  • Efficient reservation and registration system.
  • Mode of Payment/ Cash/ Credit billing (company billing) / Settle in Room. In this particular format of Mode of Payment, the cost of foods taken by the customer at the Restaurant will be transferred to the room in the form of “Settle in Room”.
  • Occupancy / Arrival /Departure Report
  • Day End Report – At the end of the day this report will indicate the total cash received
  • Product Sales By Day & Time
  • KOT /BOT Analysis – KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) / BOT (Bar Order Ticket) wise report reflects the quantity and the value of the sale.
  • KOT Move Analysis – This report reflects the movement of KOT if any.
  • Product Sales Shift-wise: This report shows staff and busy schedule of property.
  • Police Report – This is a specialized report for the national security requirement. If the local police ask the detail of the occupants then this report can be handed over to the local police personnel.
  • Audit trails facility for Hotel Management/Owner. This helps to identify any data – any modification carried out by any person in charge
  • Group Reservations allow multiple bookings in a snap, with special discounted rates for the corporate and Travel agent commissions calculated and accounted automatically. This will also subsequently allow specially negotiated rates.
  • Powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps in generating return customers or Client Retention
  • Powerful MIS helps the management/hotelier in taking decisions, addressing issues and constructing future plans

Generic features of Karni Hotel and Guest House Software:

  • 3rd party integrations like Room Key, RFID and more are all in development map and soon to be seen on the system.
  • Consistent Interface reduces the overall training time
  • Highly configurable as per the hotel’s specific needs
  • Increases employee efficiencies
  • Online audit to avoid type/clerical errors
  • Tamper-proof data security using levels of Passwords, Security Check & Auditing
  • Automate operations and maximize profits
  • Specially designed reports with on-line filters
  • Covers entire range of reports & queries for keeping information at fingertips
  • Customization of reports
  • Export any report to a spreadsheet (Excel) for further analysis, meetings, presentations, share with management/others etc.
  • Constantly incorporating newer ideas & technologies by considering the feedback & issues of our clients (the hoteliers & the users of our software)

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