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Karni restaurant software is a full-featured and simple-to-use software solution ideal for all restaurants and bars. From fine dine restaurants to casual dining, table service to quick service, pizza delivery to coffee shops, cafes, bar, clubs, disco and more — RBW POS Software delivers it all! It is ready to use or all sort of bar and restaurants outlets with optimum utility. It has already helped management/authority of restaurants and bars in increasing ROI and command over the business.

Restaurant POS software increases customer serving capacity of Restaurants and Bars. With the visual graphical layout of the floor plan, the manager of bar and restaurant can check the current status of every table through the auto changing of colors according to FILLED, VACANT, VACANT SOON of each table according to the regular in-house activities performed between first order and payment collection for each table.

The following summarizes the key features and benefits of this software:

  • Touch Screen or Mouse based KOT and Billing Operations
  • Remote KOT / BOT printing
  • User defined Menu and Modifier with Today’s Special
  • Useful Reservation Management features like Quick Reservation Status – Arrived, Seated, Ordered, etc.
  • Useful Table Management features like Live View of Allocated Tables.
  • Useful Customer Management features like Live View of Customer’s Reservation Status.
  • Recipe, Variance & food costing.
  • Customer Loyalty Card.
  • Strict control on Void.
  • Designed for Quick Implementation.
  • Facility to ask Forced Question on a particular item like “Sweet or Salt”.
  • Keyboard Facility also available to transfer your cash register operator into this system.
  • Photo of each menu item can be tagged for easy identification in Restaurant Billing Software platform.
  • Facility to add modifiers like “Make to 1 by 2”, “No Onion and Garlic” and “Less Spicy”, etc.
  • Reorder Facility for Repeated Orders.
  • Move Single Item to another Table.
  • Merge Two or More Tables for Further Combined Orders or Billing Purpose.
  • Single Taken Order will automatically be distributed to respective multiple kitchens and bars.
  • Easily respond to unprinted KOT.
  • Redirect all printing to the nearby working printer in case of failure of one printer.
  • Security enabled Void/Cancel the KOT or BOT.
  • Facility to Mark Void/Cancellation Reason for finding out the reason for such activity.
  • Manage stock of liquor.
  • Graphical Layout of Restaurant floor.
  • Multiple Analyses through reports.
  • Control over Raw Material supply and consumption.
  • Recipe management System for comparing with Sale and Consumption.
  • Physical Stock taking and a variety of available reports.
  • Easy menu changing facility.
  • Pre-defined customer discount and happy hour pricing.
  • Reduce labor cost by increasing employee productivity.
  • Improvement in Service to customers and vendors.

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