Departmental Store Software

The Karni Retail departmental store software is a full-featured and simple to use software solution ideal for all types of department stores dealing in readymade garments, home linen, footwear, cosmetics, luggage, and utensils as well as other grocery items. KARNI Retail is available in several variants to fit your establishment’s needs. It’s ready to use software for simple, secure & complete department stores point of sale solution to manage a large number of SKUs.

This departmental store software increases staff efficiency as it requires less human efforts, streamlines the inventory and another process so that you can focus on growth and expansion. It enables you to focus on new opportunities and reduces your involvement in complex day-to-day tasks.

The Karni retail departmental store POS software has been designed to be implemented quickly. It is also easy to learn in order to take care of the smooth operation. It helps the management in increasing profit and control over the business in a very short period by increasing faster delivery and billing as well as managing Stores Inventory. It also helps in increasing employee productivity.

The following summarizes key features and benefits of this Department Store POS Software. We are certain you will find it simple to use, feature complete, future-ready and perfect for your operations.

Key Features:

  • Easy, Fast & Robust Billing
  • Customer hold up time is least – Fastest check out people
  • Re-order based on Sales/Stock
  • Home Delivery & Due Bill
  • Effective Day-end Process
  • Screen & Functionality based Access
  • Inbuilt Financial Accounting
  • Fully integrated Customer Loyalty module
  • Feature-rich touch-screen based software solution that is fully customizable and, easy to learn and use.
  • Totally scalable, designed for single & multi-site businesses
  • Increased employee accountability for errors and missing money
  • Hotkey for fast-moving items like Milk, Bread
  • Weighing scale integration
  • Sell items by weight or by count
  • Repackaging for sugar, rice, pulses
  • Facility to create Purchase orders for suppliers
  • Create your own barcode or use UPC EAN
  • Scheme & Cross-Promotion
  • Stock Aging, Fast Moving, Slow Moving
  • Stock taking on a regular basis
  • Strict control of credit sale
  • Accurate markup and margins calculation
  • Customer reward points generation
  • Complete control of supplier payments
  • Stock Out and No Sale reports
  • SMS integration to acknowledge customer’s purchase
  • Generate data cube and share it across users

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