Technology in the Retail Industry

Regardless of whether you’re slogging it out on the sales floor or behind the scenes, making the most of retail technology remains crucial to business success. There are not one but several ways in which technology actually ends up driving retail success. Talk about improving shoppers’ in-store experience, do let us inform you that there are myriad ways in which technology contributes. Right from helping you balance inventory assortments to tracking pricing and controlling orders – leveraging a range of tech tools will invariably steer customer loyalty. We have compiled a few prevalent tech trends affecting retail success today.

POS Software: At the Forefront of the Retail Tech Trends
We can’t help but initiate our discourse with retail POS software. Touted as one of the most efficacious user-friendly additions to the retail industry, the POS software program has revolutionized retail functionalities in more ways than we can actually imagine. Businesses with a practical approach to IT implementation can hardly miss out on the plethora of benefits that POS software has in the offing:
Easier item classification with respect to color, design, size and price
Home delivery
Efficient bill generation
Inbuilt financial accounting
Effective merchandising
Unique barcode generation

BOPIS: What you Need to Know
BOPIS (Buy Online and pick-up-in-store) remains one of the tech innovations to take the retail industry by storm. There are various big players that have already started refining their approach. The technology is yet to cater to the mass-market, but with the big names already prepping their stores in accordance, BOPIS is sure to be here!

The growing importance of visual search
Voice search is definitely here to make its presence felt. However, there is no reason to assume that voice search is going to replace visual search in it entirety. Furniture, clothes, home décor and any other product category relying heavily on enhanced visual appeal will ensure that the importance of visual search is only going to grow stronger.

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