Furniture Store POS Software

Karni Furniture Store POS Software is a full-featured and simple to use software solution ideal for all types of retail businesses ranging from the supermarket to stores and chain stores selling different ranges of furniture. Whether you own a single store or a chain of stores, our Furniture POS Software manages your retail operations for furniture efficiently. Furniture store POS Software helps you focus on a core aspect of retailing and keeps you away from complex day-to-day operations.

This software comes up as ready to use software with a facility to link showroom, delivery point, and head office together. The easy-to-setup product categories, item classification (size, color, design and price), flexible and unique barcode generation, intelligent point of sale for faster checkout, smart inventory and purchase management, effective loyalty programs that boost sales, discounts & promotions to liquidate stock, financial accounts to keep a balance between receivable and payable, and analysis reports to understand and transform according to changing trends.

Furniture POS eases your routine work by taking the order from customer, processing sale, delivering the material to customer and payment collection. It makes your furniture inventory management much easier. Customer Service module gives privilege to small shop owners to outsource, monitor and manage bulk order efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Easy, Fast and Robust Billing
  • Customer hold up time is least – Fastest check out people
  • Re-order based on Sales/Stock
  • Sale order management, tracking, and home delivery
  • Effective Day-end Process
  • Screen & Functionality based Access
  • Inbuilt Financial Accounting
  • Fully integrated Customer Loyalty module
  • Feature rich touch-screen based software solution that is fully customizable and, easy to learn and use.
  • Totally scalable, designed for single & multi-site businesses
  • Increased employee accountability for errors and missing money
  • Link your numerous physical areas like showrooms, delivery point, account office
  • Display of the available stock of materials at the POS so that you do not loose sale
  • Itemized sales person commission
  • Stock taking on regular basis to prevent shoplift and shrinkage
  • Stock analysis fast moving and slow moving
  • Credit sales to corporate with pre-defined credit limit
  • Can capture key customer data which can be used to wish customers on their birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Integrated loyalty program and reward point generation
  • It supports different loyalty cards (magnetic, barcode or smart card)
  • Scheme and cross promotions to liquidate the slow moving and increase sale
  • Print barcode in different size and design to make the order, sale and delivery operation absolutely error free
  • Fast and fully drag and drop style reports with filters to respond to your thought process
  • Graphical reports to analyze and forecast
  • Built-in Financial account

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